June Food for Thought: Marigolds

I love marigolds.

In looking for meanings of this flower I discovered that they are seen to be flowers of the sun. Words like passion and creativity are also associated with them as is good conversation. With reference to their growth pattern they are considered to be an extraordinarily resilient plant.

An interesting blog dedicated to marigold seed sowers for good in a troubled world can be found at http://www.marigoldloavesandfishes.com/.

Not everyone likes the marigold. There are some people who associate it with death and jealousy. It is however just that ambivalence that draws me this flower. It seems to hold within the aroma and delicacy of it’s petals, the depths of humanity’s pain, their ability to stay strong in spite of adversity, and their passion for life.

As humans when faced with adversity we have this choice – we can look at the event and focus on the good or we can acknowledge the pain while also finding beauty and a will to go forward in spite of . . .

What do you chose?

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