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April Editorial – “Ubuntu”

As a prelude to one of my university modules when studying for my honors degree in psychology,  I was asked to identify for myself my personal concept of ‘community’.  I wrote as follows: “We are not born into an isolated existence without contact with others. If we were we would die.” Our intellectual and emotional growth, learning and development is dependent on our interactions with others. This is where the African philosophy of “ubuntu” comes into play. No one can exist in isolation. I am who I am today because of the interactions I have had, good or bad, with the people who have surrounded me in my lifetime, and the way in which I have interpreted those interactions. To understand “ubuntu”, go to  “”> as an organisation is committed to the values contained in the concept of “ubuntu”  because “ubuntu” means so much more than just the interconnectedness we experience in community. With a world where growing numbers experience the devastating effects of depression, ongoing stress and anxieties that are beyond what might be called acceptable  or “normal” and where the experience of violence is unavoidable, interactions often result in negative consequence that serves to increase rather than diminish the distress that pervades our global society. “Ubuntu” calls on the human spirit to rise above and to be more than we thought we could be, so that our interconnectedness becomes a positive force that serves to heal and support each other towards new beginnings and a better tomorrow.

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